Baby Care Program




  • Provides moms with baby items such as:
    • Maternity clothing
      Baby clothing
      Baby necessities
      Confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound

  • Review your alternatives
    • Single parenthood
      Foster care

  • Presentations available
    • We offer pamphlet information regarding abortion risks
      Fetal Development
      HIV/STD information
      The risk of using tobacco during pregnancy


Ways to gain points for items in baby pantry

  • Weekly church services/Bible study groups
    • 10 points
  • Parenting class
    • 10 points per week
  • Doctor or Dentist appointments
    • 5 points each visit
  • Ultra sound appointment
    • 5 points each visit
  • WIC/Right from the Start/Birth to Three
    • 5 points each visit
  • Reading educational books to yourself or your child(ren)
    • 1 point per chapter
  • Reading educational brochures/magazines
    • 2 points
  • Watching educational movies
    • 1 point each
  • Taking your child to the park
    • 2 points each visit
  • Daily Bible devotions
    • 1 point each day
  • Walking
    • 2 points for every hour walked
  • Lowes Build and Grow Day
    • 5 points
  • Clipping coupons to share with other clients
    • 1 point for every 5 coupons
  • Stop smoking
    • Talk to us about earning extra points!


Ways to spend points - You may visit the Baby Room the last week of the month in the Buckhannon office, Thomas on Wednesday, Parsons on Thursdays

  • 5 Points
    • Pacifier or holder, bottle brush or bottle, crib sheets, silverware, car seat cover, socks(2 pair), mittens or hats, pajamas or sleeper, pants or shorts, onesies(5), maternity clothing, burp clothes, nursing pad (1 box), side supporters (to prevent SIDS), shampoo/baby bath, powder, lotion, oil, vaseline, head support for car seat, pillow, shoes (2 pair), baby food or cereal, washcloth or towel(2), receiving blanket, bibs(2), shirt, dress, training pants(2), toys or rattles, hair bows/ties(2), changing pad, t-shirt, outfit
  • 10 points
    • Bumper pads, diaper bag, large sizes of shampoo or body wash, powder or baby bath or lotion, baby oil or Q-Tips of vaseline
  • 15 points
    • Bath tub, baby mobile, toilet training seat, snowsuit/coat, layette set, car shade for window, baby blanket
  • 25 points
    • Diapers(limit 1 bag of approximately 12-14), wipes(limit 1), formula
  • 40 points
    • Bouncy seat, booster seat, baby backpack, Sassy Seat bottle warmer, baby monitor, car shade, quilt
  • 100 points
    • Stroller
  • 150 points
    • Play pen
  • 150 points
    • High chair
  • 500 points
    • Bassinet
  • 1000 points
    • Car seat (Brand new)
  • 1000 points
    • Crib (Brand new)

All items are subject to change consistently and without notice